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Attention Estate Agents - Stand Out from the Crowd with a New Form of Mobile Advertising

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If you feel like you’re swimming against the tide and you’re seeing rival agencies closing their doors around you, it’s time to up your marketing game. Forget the same tired digital routes - social media, PPC and display ads. All the other agencies are marketing this way. If you want to rise above your competition, you need to try something new and different. 

Here’s where TwentyEA can help. Our highly targeted mobile advertising campaigns can get your brand in front of homemovers in a clever and very effective way. We can help you to swim not sink in 2024 and put your agency in the spotlight. Read on to find out more about how our powerful mobile ads work. 


Where are your potential clients? 

It’s simple – they’re scrolling on their mobile phones! The majority of the population don’t leave their home without their phone and Statista reported that we are spending over 4 hours a day on it. So where are your leads? They’re on their phones catching up on the latest news, finding a recipe for tonight’s dinner or checking out the weather. And that’s where our ads will pop up – on some of the most regularly visited websites. 

We know what you might be thinking. Mobile ads are ignored. Mobile ads are annoying. Mobile ads are overused. Not our ads. They’re different and they’re impactful! 

Picture a news ticker that displays the latest headlines scrolling across the bottom of the screen. This is how our ads appear. So, they aren’t intrusive, and they don’t prevent the user from carrying on with what they’re doing online. The ad just loops across the bottom of their screen in banner form. And because it scrolls, it grabs attention. When text scrolls out of view, it naturally draws the eye as people feel like they’re missing out on something important. That means, your ad gets read not ignored! 

Worried about wasted spend? Don’t be. Our ads are highly targeted and only appear on the mobiles of those in your patch who are most likely to be moving home soon or are potentially thinking about switching agents. 


How do our mobile ads work? 

TwentyEA know exactly who is in the moving journey and at what stage. Our clever AI technology can also predict those who are most likely to put their home up for sale in the next two months. We use longitude and latitude coordinates so that the ad shows up within the patch you’re targeting. This coupled with our property market knowledge means that the ad goes to those who intend to move or may be perceptive to switching agents. If any of your target audience of homemovers visit some of the most popular websites, the ad will appear. Here are some of the potential websites your ad may show up on: 


An example of the websites that the ads appear on 


The news ticker-like ad is made up of 140 characters of text and sits next to your agency’s logo. Here is an example of how it will look: 


An example of the mobile ad and how it appears to the user 


Our mobile ads vs. other forms of digital advertising 

Less competition 

The digital advertising landscape is saturated with businesses competing for the attention of online users. People suffer from ad fatigue and have become blind to display and social media ads, tending to just scroll past them. For PPC, most estate agencies are going after the same keywords as you. Bidding wars can begin on popular keywords, making it more expensive. Most people are savvy enough to know PPC ads are paid for and will scroll down to the organic results. PPC ads are also open to abuse. Anyone can click on your ad to rack up your bill when they have no interest in your service. We’re not saying they will… just that they can! Every time someone clicks, you’re charged. Our ads only appear for a specific targeted audience, not just everyone who is searching for certain keywords. 

Higher click-through rate 

The eye-catching scrolling text of our mobile ads offers something new and intriguing. Our ads provide a much higher engagement rate that is three times more than standard mobile displays. This is why they achieve a click-through rate of up to 0.8%, outperforming the average click-through rate of 0.35% that typical mobile banners achieve. 


Highly targeted 

As we said, these ads go to those most likely to instruct their homes or most likely to switch agents – and all within the locality that you’re targeting, using GPS technology. One of the issues with PPC is that the user has to type in the keywords on Google to discover your brand. You’re relying on potential clients taking this step. With our ads, no user action is required. Your ad will just appear in front of your potential audience. 



The ads do not interfere with what the mobile phone user is doing. At the same time, it still grabs attention because people instinctively feel like they’re missing something when the ad text scrolls out of sight, leading to them naturally reading the ad. 


Marketing made easy 

Our ads can be rolled out quickly so you can start generating leads fast. The beauty of these ads is that they’re not time consuming to create. All you need is your logo and 140 characters of text – which we can help you to write. We can also manage the whole campaign on your behalf, so you can focus on your day-to-day job. PPC campaigns on the other hand are complex to run. There’s a reason why PPC specialists exist! They understand the intricacies of PPC and spend all day monitoring and tweaking campaigns to get them right. It takes time to find that winning formula. And in the world of estate agencies, time is of the essence. A lot of PPC is trial and error. In terms of social media ads, competing with algorithms isn’t easy. You need to stay on top of the constant changes and work on your campaign to be successful. Whilst you need to invest a lot of time into a social media or PPC campaign, our ads, on the other hand, require very little effort. 



Our mobile ads are not costly. The pricing is based on the number of properties targeted. We will cap the budget so that you don’t overspend. 


First-rate reporting 

You’ll receive monthly updates on the health of your campaign. Our reports include the number of impressions and clicks, categorised by time and day. We’ll send you heatmaps and cumulative ad exposure times which outline the total amount of time users spend viewing or interacting with your ads over a specific period. 



Don’t be a carbon copy of every other agent out there. If you want to outperform your rivals, you need to be clever with your marketing and try something different. Our mobile ads offer a way to forge your own path. Leave the other agents competing over keywords in the saturated world of PPC or fighting over space on socials. With our ads, you’ll reach your audience quickly, inexpensively, and effectively. 

Sound good? Find out more here.

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