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3 steps to stand out in the crowded estate agent industry


It’s perhaps no surprise given the buoyant market of the last few years, where often properties practically sold or let themselves, that there has been an increase in the number of estate agency brands and branches.

As we now return to more ‘normal’ market conditions, this means more competition and a lower number of homes per agent on average, which inevitably results in a drop in revenue for those who can’t differentiate themselves from the rest.

It seems logical that standing out is therefore critical. However, if you’re competing with large agencies with even larger marketing budgets, you may be concerned about how you can separate yourself from the competition. Every agent will tell a potential vendor or landlord what they want to hear to win their business, so what can you do differently?

Think about what sets you apart.
As supply and demand rebalance, new entrants to the market and those who could never usually compete in terms of their knowledge and experience, are struggling with the fact that agents now need to get back to the real business of selling and letting properties. It takes hard work that many just aren’t used to.

So, what is it that makes you different?
Vendors and landlords are faced with a sea of choices. They need you to help them to separate the wheat from the chaff. Demonstrating your local knowledge and market expertise is crucial and having timely, accurate and independent data at your fingertips is what can really help to set you apart from the crowd. In fact, it can make you radically different.

How to be radically different?

Step 1: Demonstrate your expertise.

Understand your place in the entire market, not just a snapshot. Track your performance against your competitors. Our Insight tool gives you invaluable whole-of-market analysis of performance trends at a granular level, helping you to make informed strategic decisions and demonstrate to potential vendors and landlords that you are an expert in the local marketplace.

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Step 2: Develop robust marketing campaigns.

Don’t settle for inaccurate data. You may be using slick and easy-to-navigate tools but how confident are you that they are built on robust and accurate data, capturing everything you need to know?

At TwentyEA we have the UK’s largest and most accurate homemover data universe tracking 99.6% of all residential property listings. Our average Full Address Match rate is an unbeatable 88%.

What does that mean for you?

Our Prospect tool gives you more addresses for your marketing campaigns and no worries about the embarrassment or potential brand damage that incorrect data can cause. It also includes Forecast, the only AI dataset built on over six years of learning to accurately predict properties likely to instruct in the next two months.

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Step 3: Showcase your strengths.

Put yourself in the spotlight. Convert more appraisals even in difficult market conditions by using independent data that shows you’re the best. Our Spotlight tool allows you to create bespoke, white-labelled reports demonstrating why you are better than your competitors. You can also create detailed market reports on every residential property in the UK.

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In a nutshell, here is how you achieve radical differentiation and stand out in the market:

Radical Clarity: Use the best available data, presented in the most impactful form, showing you are the best agent to instruct.
Radical Generosity: Share everything you find out from that data with your clients and prospects.
Radical Confidence: Challenge the status quo with data-led decisions and authority.

If you are still unsure how you differ, drop TwentyEA a line. We specialise in providing flexible and affordable growth tools for every UK estate agent. And we are radically different in how we process and analyse data.

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