The Secret to Predicting Who Will Move and When

Today’s property market is a complex, competitive one. A rise in online competition, changes in buy-to-let legislation, challenging political times and increasingly tech-savvy, demanding consumers have resulted in a difficult environment for estate agents. Agencies now have to work harder and smarter to ensure the ongoing growth of their market share, and the success of their businesses.

Thankfully there are now new ways for agents to outsmart their competitors, and as the seemingly limitless world of big data expands we can expect to see some fantastic opportunities for estate agents over the coming years. However, this does mean that agents hoping to stand the test of time need to be one step ahead when it comes to using data to drive their marketing activities.

Data-driven software such as TwentyEA’s targetting tool enables agencies to predict the future. The tool captures information relating to homemovers, to determine which members of the public are more likely to move and when. This information is of course invaluable for estate agents, and can be used to create targeted campaigns aimed specifically at certain audiences.

The insights available via tools like these make it far simpler for agents to pique the interest of those planning to move. Instead of relying on blanket coverage or expensive direct mail drops, agencies now have the chance to reach homeowners before the decision-making process begins.

By targeting homeowners most likely to sell within the next 12 months, agencies can increase response rates by up to 10%. The data provides a significant advantage over competitor companies, and helps to cut the costs of marketing activities whilst simultaneously improving ROI.

TwentyEA’s tool offers monthly reporting and captures information on 99.4% of On Market home mover data. So far, the tool has identified 6.5 million+ homeowners with a high probability of selling over the coming year.

Agents looking to impress in a difficult economic climate need to use all the facts and figures at their fingertips to influence homeowners. Data such as the information available via TwentyEA is an invaluable resource in today’s challenging marketplace, and it’s ready to be used by tech-savvy estate agents.

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13/11/2019 by Rebecca Robinson

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