UK Housing Market Data Updates: November Snapshot


For this instalment of our UK Housing Market Data Updates series, we took a snapshot of the property market as it was on the 3rd November 2016. 

  • Average sale price in the UK on 03/11/2016 was £323,000 with over 500,000 properties currently for sale
  • The lowest average rental prices is in Belfast, at just £345
  • The average house price in London was just over £1,000,000. To put this in perspective, removing London from the UK would reduce the average house price by almost £40K
  • The most expensive London District is WB1, which runs along Regent Street, with the average sale price of just over £8,000,000
  • It’s no coincidence that the areas with the highest demand for housing (i.e. shortest average time on market) are also popular London commuter areas; the top 3 are Dartford, Southend and Cambridge with Watford coming in 5th place
  • The highest average time on the market is The Outer Hebrides at 419 days and Dumfries with 394
  • If you wanted to buy all the property advertised as for sale in London on the 3rd November you’d need £31billion

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16/11/2016 by TwentyEA

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