Over ⅓ of withdrawn properties return to market within 12 months

In Q2 2019 the UK saw 194,950 properties withdrawn from the market, meaning around 65,000 of those properties could return to the market within the next 12 months. Properties recently withdrawn is just one of the triggers Estate Agents use to target potential new instructions more effectively. 

In marketing, the more we know about our target consumers, the more relevant our communications are likely to be. Despite this, most agents are far more likely to use the scatter gun approach, targeting every household in an area with the same generic message. 

With 5-6 million people in the UK moving home every year it is a sizeable audience. But with the rise of hybrid agents and ever-more demanding consumers, traditional agents now need to find ways to get ahead of the game. It’s now possible to collect a rich amount of data on home movers which informs where they are in the home moving process. 

Each milestone within the home mover journey can be seen as an event or a trigger, some of which provide the perfect opening for agents to approach new prospects. 

Some examples of home mover triggers: 

  • Property has been on the market for a specific amount of time 
  • Price recently reduced 
  • Property withdrawn 
  • Had an agreement fall through 

Event-based marketing has long been used to optimise conversions and user engagement online. Businesses can create targeted and customised messages depending on the user and their user journey. More importantly it allows them to reach out to clients with the right message at exactly the right time. For Estate Agents this is a powerful tool with which to approach prospects at key points in their sale or letting lifecycle.  

An important benefit of trigger marketing is automation; businesses are able to create sophisticated campaigns without having to dedicate a huge amount of time and resources. For Estate Agents this process can be facilitated by a direct mail campaign engine that allows users to automate campaigns as well as execute them ad-hoc. Users can run on full autopilot and leave things “always on”, or alternatively, execute ad-hoc campaigns as and when they require… or even better, a combination of both! 

Capturing 99.4% of vendors and landlords, TwentyEA’s home mover data set is the most in-depth, accurate and relevant prospect pool in the UK. Contact us to find out more 

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11/07/2019 by Rebecca Robinson

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